No.: 01

1. Responsibilities

  • Manage bakery activities
  • Make weekly work plans for the department based on the hotel’s business situation.
  • Arrange, divide work shifts for employees, ensure that there are enough personnel needed for the department’s operations.
  • Check the standards of personal hygiene, employee uniforms before the shift.
  • Controlling quality of input materials, ensuring food hygiene and safety standards; rotation using reasonable food: used before – used later.
  • Follow the work process of the staff, check the quality of the cakes, make sure the serving cakes must meet the standard quality of the hotel.
  • In charge, guide staff to decorate the buffet restaurant, party of the hotel so beautiful, suitable for the culinary space of the hotel.
  • Observe the party, make sure there is always enough cake needed for guests.
  • Making menu
  • Food cost control
  • Coordinate with chefs to build a menu of desserts to meet the needs of customers.
  • Plan to change the cakes in the buffet menu to avoid boredom.
  • Create new cakes, put them into the menu to attract customers.
  • Control and handle arising problems
  • Closely supervise the process of preserving materials to promptly detect and handle incidents.
  • Control of potential hazards in the kitchen: fire, food poisoning …
  • Directly handle daily situations of the department.
  • Guide workflow for new department employees.
  • Coordinate with relevant departments to develop training programs to improve professional skills for employees.
  • Directly fostering and developing potential staff.
  • Other jobs
  • Be responsible for managing the equipment and working equipment of the department; promptly contact the technical department when any damage occurs and coordinate the maintenance and maintenance periodically.
  • Coordinate with the staff in charge of maintaining the department’s hygiene standards.
  • Control the department’s purchase proposals, ensure reasonable and cost-saving.
  • Proposing improvements to the work process, improving the work efficiency of the department.
  • Evaluate the working results of employees of bakery under management.
  • Participate in training courses to improve skills and professional skills for head chefs.
  • Participate in regular and irregular meetings of the department.
  • Perform other jobs when requested by superiors.

2. Person Specification Requirements

  • Local Baker qualification
  • At least two years as a PASTRY CHEF in a 4/5star hotel at same level, knowing basic computer skill, pastry terms, prefer to know another software experiences.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills (verbal, written and comprehension) in both Vietnamese and English, other languages a plus
  • Must be able to communicate effectively at all levels. Must be a team player
  • Hospitality mindset, positive attitude
  • High degree of stamina, agility, flexibility and attention to details

3. Benefit

  •  Annual bonus.
  •  Personal laundry and dry cleaning.
  •  Annual health checkup.
  •  Insurance as labor law.
  •  Health care insurance (IMS).
  •  24/7 Accident insurance.
  •  Rest and relaxation, Home leave allowance.
  •  Uniform, transportation, phone allowance and meals are provided.
  •  Service charge as revenue.
  •  Recognition and appreciation bonus.
  •  Teambuilding trip.
  •  Accommodation and F&B service discount program.
  •  FOC shool fee for Ambassador.
  •  Other benefits

4. Apply to

  •  Resume.
  •  Certificate related to position applying.
  •  Email: tuyendung@cityland.com.vn
  •  Phone: 082 646 6736 – Ms. Thanh Xuân hoặc 0392 591 689 (HR Department)
  • Working location: EHL Saigon, 66A Pho Quang Street, Tan Binh District, HCMC (New campus)