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Hotel Academy
Viet Nam

Our world class curriculum is designed by EHL (ranked number 1 in the world, QS World Ranking, 2022) to ensure that you are set up for success and ready for employment. During your training at Hotel Academy Viet Nam we will help you to build a strong hospitality mindset and equip you with the skills to deliver world class service.


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CityLand Education

CityLand Education (CE) is thrilled to start the year with an exciting partnership with EHL, the best hospitality school in the world, which confirms our confidence in the tourism potential of Vietnam. By venturing into the education industry, CityLand is not only strengthening its position as a leading Vietnamese group but also fully engaging into its corporate social responsibility policy.

“Learning is a passion and creativeness is a success”

Mr Duc Liem Bui
Chairman – CityLand Education

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The story behind

A Swiss story –
The Apprenticeship System

There has never been a larger need for skilled people in the hospitality industry before. With every 10th person working in tourism and hospitality and the world moving towards the tertiary sector, skill training will be the key differentiator for people, organizations, and countries.

More than 100 years ago, Switzerland has established the federal VET system, an unmatched applied skill training system for all professions and trades.

Accessible for all individuals, 2/3 of Swiss citizens train in this system, sustaining wealth, innovation & quality on all levels of society.

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