Two new hospitality schools in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi will be collaborating with EHL for the hospitality education programs.

CityLand Chairman Bui Manh Hung (L) and EHL Advisory Services Managing Director André Mack (R) lead the signing ceremony between two industry leaders.

CityLand Education, the education arm of Vietnamese real estate developer CityLand, and Swiss hospitality advisory company EHL Advisory Services have extended their partnership, building on an increased trust and adding two new locations to train hospitality professionals who wish to start or grow their service industry careers. 

CityLand Education will remain a licensed center under the Vocational Education & Training (VET) by EHL program, enabling them to implement a Swiss hospitality program that aims to address challenges faced by tourism-developing nations, including training for qualified staff and contributing to long-term employment in service sectors. Currently licensed under the partnership is the Hotel Academy Phu Quoc, which will soon be complemented by the Hotel Academy Saigon opening in 2023, and a potential degree level program in Hanoi in 2024, that strives to be certified by EHL. All this falls in line with CityLand Education’s continued commitment towards corporate social responsibility, by forming a strong educational foundation for Vietnam’s younger generations.

“We are thrilled about the fruitful relationship we’ve developed with CityLand Education over the past year, and what we’re building as we work towards a shared long-term vision under our partnership,” shared André Mack, Managing Director of EHL Advisory Services during a recent signing ceremony. “There is a great level of trust between us after an outstanding first year. We look forward to molding the skills and mindset of more hospitality students through an excellent program of the highest international standards, setting them up for success in their careers.”

World-class training centers for world-class talent

Hotel Academy Saigon will be the first new VET by EHL center under the extended partnership, opening their doors in early 2023. Like Hotel Academy Phu Quoc, it will offer three module-based Professional Diplomas and Certificates, namely Culinary, Food & Beverage, and Hotel. 

Following EHL standards for facilities and design, the academy will comprise an academic center for theory classes, demo kitchens, and a demo bar for practical training. A trading hotel will be open to external guests, allowing students to gain first-hand hospitality experience, together with a business lounge for transit passengers and meeting rooms. These will be available for all students to learn from VET by EHL’s training model, based on an educational framework that’s regarded as one of the best worldwide. Their flexible, top-tier program combines hands-on practice with theoretical learning, allowing professionals to develop both operational skills useful on ground, and transferable skills for overall professional growth depending on their current level of expertise.

Mrs. Linh Vu – CEO & Vice-chair of the Board – revealed the missions of CityLand Education in the Press Conference on 3 August, 2022 in Ho Chi Minh city.

Meanwhile, a new institution is being developed in Hanoi. This School will be located in the Dong Mai Ecology Urban Area plan to be inaugurated in 2024. EHL Advisory Services will assist CityLand to set up the school and aim at being Certified by EHL. This school will be connected with a 5-star hotel of 200 rooms. Students enrolled there will not only have access to facilities common in EHL Certified Schools and licensed centers, but will also gain opportunities to attend seminars, conferences, and even go for semesters or transfers abroad. 

CityLand Education and EHL Group are eager to extend this opportunity to more students, and even expand the program’s reach to other Southeast Asian countries.

Mr. John Daly – General director & Dean, clarifying the values for learners of Hotel Academy Phu Quoc.

“We are grateful for the level of cooperation and trust between CityLand Education and EHL, and for the chance to continue collaborating and learning from these hospitality experts,” said CityLand Chairman Bui Manh Hung at the ceremony. “Not only will our partnership enable more professionals to grow careers in hospitality, but it will also add credibility and interest for our tourism industry – especially as the country starts opening back up for visitors,” he added.

Hotel Academy Saigon and the potential institution in Hanoi will be located in key areas within Vietnam. As a nation abundant in rich culture, natural landscapes, and beautiful tourist spots, Vietnam is an ideal place to train a new generation of hospitality professionals. For more information on CityLand Education and EHL Advisory Services, visit

About CityLand:

CityLand Investment Company Limited (CityLand) develops and operates a multi-industry business, which places real estate development at core. Our mission is to contribute to the creation of prosperous life for people through inclusive and high-class residences without compromising the quality of the environment. Sustainable and high-quality life for people is our strongest motivation. On a broader scale, we aim to bring sustainable values to the socioeconomic development of Vietnam. We envision ourselves to become a trustworthy and leading brand in Vietnam’s real estate industry and to enlarge our business scope to the international market.

With such dedication and vision, CityLand embraces credibility, quality, integrity, commitment and community value as core values in our business philosophy and relationships with stakeholders. CityLand commits the highest quality on all CityLand branded properties while having a strong focus on strategic and successful partnerships, and sustainable employment practices.

Throughout the years, CityLand has successfully developed many real estate projects such as CityLand Riverside, CityLand Garden Hills, CityLand Park Hills and CityLand Center Hills. Following the success we have achieved, we continue to grow and build our ongoing projects such as Forest Bay Phu Quoc, President Park, and Dong Mai City.

CityLand has been continuing striving towards success and achieving significant recognitions such as Best Luxury Township Development 2020, Best Luxury Developer Southeast Asia 2018, Top 10 Vietnam’s Largest Private Enterprise 2016-2017.

Cityland Education is the education arm of Cityland.

Vision: to contribute to Vietnam’s peaceful future, social stability and economic growth by building the capacities of the next generation of Vietnamese students and professionals.

Mission: to offer the best curriculum and trainings available worldwide to our students so they can acquire the right skills to meet the employment market needs.


About EHL Group

EHL Group encompasses a portfolio of specialized business units that deliver hospitality management education and innovation worldwide. Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Group includes:

EHL Hospitality Business School is an ambassador for traditional Swiss hospitality and has been a pioneer in hospitality education since 1893 with over 25,000 alumni worldwide and over 120 nationalities among its students. EHL is the world’s first hospitality management school that provides undergraduate and graduate programs at its campuses in Lausanne, Singapore and Chur-Passugg, as well as online learning solutions. The university of applied sciences is ranked n°1 by QS World University Rankings by subject and CEO World Magazine, and its gastronomic restaurant is the world’s only educational establishment to hold a Michelin Star for two consecutive years.

EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality has been one of the leading hospitality management colleges for hotel specialists for 50 years. The College delivers Swiss-accredited federal diplomas of vocational education and training and of higher education in its 19th century spa-hotel in Chur-Passugg, Graubünden, to Swiss and international students from 20 countries.

EHL Advisory Services is the largest Swiss hospitality advisory company specializing in service culture implementation, business consulting, as well as the development and quality assurance of learning centers. EHL Advisory Services has offices in Lausanne, Beijing, Shanghai and New Delhi and has delivered mandates in more than 60 countries over the past 40 years.